We support you at:

(new) business development

  problem-solving, turn-around
innovation programs, start-ups

      design and organization
         of growth-strategies

  product-market development
     competitive performance

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Why You Should Hire Us for Your Business Development.... 

1. Business Development is our passion and we have specialized in it for over 20 years.
         Whatever the challenge, we have experienced it before and we know how to solve
         it for you.

2. We deliver a unique blend of entrepreneurial hands-on SME management experience.

3. We unlock hidden potential and turn it into Next Level Success™.

We are a small team of specialized 'business builders.' You hire us as advisors, as
project-leaders or as management team members.

Our talent is 'advisory leadership.' You can expect us to have a thorough overview and
adequate vision, direction and strategy within a short time-frame. We then help you
with successful implementation.

We have particular experience in complex business development processes.
Examples include initializing and bringing to market entirely new initiatives and leading
turnaround situations to help troubled organisations in their recovery process.

Do not hesitate to call us today!                      

Kind regards,  Roelof ter Mors


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